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Is SEED right for me and my site?

SEED requires a significant, ongoing commitment from both SEED leaders and their communities. Many past participants have reported that New Leaders Training is one of the most impactful and important professional developments they have ever attended—and also one of the most challenging and rewarding. Potential SEED leaders must demonstrate in their application that they are ready to share and learn about themselves and others along with the capacity to participate in the training and facilitate seminars in their institutions. Potential leaders also need the committed support of their community, organization, or institution to host year-long SEED seminars. Potential leaders and sponsors are encouraged to consider whether SEED is the right fit for them.

Becoming a SEED Leader 

Partnering with SEED starts with New Leaders Training, an intensive experience in which participants explore their own identities and learn how to develop and lead SEED seminars in their communities, organizations, and institutions. New SEED leaders attend either a week-long residential session in person during the summer, or a 12-week program that meets virtually in either the spring or fall. Potential SEED leaders go through an extensive application process to ensure that SEED will be a good fit for them and the community, organization, or institution where they intend to host their SEED seminars.

What does SEED cost?

New leaders become grounded in SEED principles at “New Leaders Training.” The week-long summer session or the 12-week virtual session—costs $6000 per participant for private schools and private site partners, and $4000 per participant for public school and public site partners. These fees include support for a year-long SEED seminar led by the newly trained SEED leader, ongoing assistance from the National SEED Staff and other experienced SEED leaders, access to resources and an online community, and more. Scholarships of up to $2000 are available for eligible institutions, including public schools, community organizations, and other institutions with demonstrated need. 

How do I apply?

Those who believe that SEED would be a good fit for both them and their community must complete an online application by the deadline for the session they would like to attend. The online application has two required forms: a New Leaders Application to be completed by the applicant, and a Site Support Form to be completed by a site sponsor on behalf of the applicant. Both forms must be submitted in order for an application to be considered. In addition, those who would like to apply for a scholarship must complete the Optional Scholarship Section at the end of the Site Support Form. 

What happens after I apply?

Applicants receive a response about their application about a month after both the New Leaders Application and Site Support Form are submitted. The SEED national team reviews each application carefully to determine whether the applicant and sponsoring organization have the interest and capacity to host SEED seminars. The team also works to ensure that each New Leaders Training cohort represents a balance of identities, roles, and types of organizations. Applicants who are accepted must provide a deposit to secure their spot.

How does my site support SEED seminars?

Administrator approval to attend New Leaders Training indicates support for building a more diverse and equitable community, contributing organizational finances, coordinating calendars, providing seminar materials, and encouraging recruitment of participants to the SEED seminar. With clear administrative support, the SEED leader can focus on creating and sustaining the SEED seminar.

— Cheryl Robinson, Supervisor, Office of Minority Achievement, Arlington Public Schools, Virginia

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